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Each of us has got many years of experience within the industry and completed plenty of successful projects. That’s why we’ve decided to join our creative forces by combining aesthetic tastes to create original and innovative projects for our clients. We’re happy to build this collective following our own rules. We have been cooperating as freelancers for a long time, combining our skills and complementing each other. Each of us has different strengths.

MARTYNA plans a strategy, builds brand ID, talks with clients, looks for interesting projects and organizes events.
KAMA is a creative soul and a fulfilled graphic designer whose projects are always exceptional and unique.

OLA is a copywriter who can perfectly adapt to projects linguistically and fears no topic. More about us.

Founder & PR Manager at PROSTE KREUJE.
Martyna has been working in the PR industry for 11 years. She has worked for PR agencies and independent companies from many industries, including fashion, architecture and real estate development. Martyna created action strategies for new brands and introduced them to the market and also revived existing brands. Her professional goal is to educate the market in the field of brand image development. She’s enthusiastic to help brands to improve their brand image following PROSTO vision. She wants them to be interested in the world and the art of PR, and constantly want more.
Martyna is a graduate of Sociology and Journalism and Social Communication in the field of Public Relations at the University of Wrocław. Privately, she is a mother of two.

Martyna says her kids are her life inspiration and they teach her every day that simple equals beautiful.
”Public Relations and PROSTO is my professional independence and freedom. It’s a place to express my creative energy and desire to communicate with people and to create new beautiful brands. I design complete brands – I create strategies and help clients make their dreams come true. “


Kama is a combination of a magician and a graphic designer. Her superpower is to read our clients’ tastes. More than once she has proved to be accurate in identifying the client’s needs by analyzing the visual needs and tastes of our contractors. Beautiful, creative, wise and able to listen – such a graphic designer is a real deal.
Kama is a graduate of Graphic Design and Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Professionally she is successful in designing and giving visual creations to brands and products. She works in the spirit of design thinking. She creates complete visual identifications, from concept to implementation. Kama designs packaging, catalogs, brochures and other custom orders. Privately, she’s an enthusiastic mother, dotty about her little offspring.


Ola has been associated with the PR industry since 2014. Ever since she discovered the art of writing, she has been writing. She’s
got a nice flow. She’s experienced in working for clients and PR agencies and has good working knowledge of the market. All that background helps her create exceptional texts. Her unparalleled advantage is also the old journalism school which she uses all the time. What matters for Ola is the logic and the clarity of the message, accurate intertextual references and the importance of each word.

During her studies, Ola participated in creative writing workshops with Olga Tokarczuk. She mastered how to reach for even deeper hidden layers of free and creative thought. She is a graduate of Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Wrocław and French Philology and Public Communication at the University of Opole.

As she has experience in the industry and worked for an international company, Ola looks at the communication process from the business perspective. Ola’s backgorund is implementing business strategy, conducting external and internal communication in Social Media, media relations, co-creating employer branding activities, event implementation and crisis communication.

Privately Ola is an organized mother of two sons. She’s passionate about 20th century industrial design and interior design. She draws inspiration from the bustling city, yet most enjoys writing surrounded by calming greenery. Sometimes she uses her mobile to capture street art that catches her eye. In winter she rides a snowboard, and in summer she travels kilometers on her bicycle.